How to Analyze Western Blot Data

how to analyze western blot data

Western blot is an indispensable mechanism in the modern biomedical research laboratory, as well as in laboratories doing research in other areas. It is considered as an analytical technique used mainly in molecular biology and immunogenetics where antibodies are used to specifically detect their antigen. Before discussing how to analyze western blot data, you can know more about the concept …

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9 Most Effective Applications of Redox Titration

applications of redox titration

Have you ever thought “What are the principal sources of energy on this planet, both natural or biological and artificial?” “What are the reactions that allow energy to be extracted from molecules?” “What is responsible for cellular respiration and photosynthesis?” “What is the cause of minerals formation and mobilization and changes in rocks colors?” The answer is “Redox Reactions” which …

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Most Famous Oxidation and Reduction Reactions Explained with 20+ Examples

know all about oxidation and reduction reactions with examples

Chemistry is the branch of science where interactions and reactions between elements, atoms, electrons, molecules, and many other particles, is mainly considered and studied. One of the most famous reactions widely abundant and occurring in chemistry, and in our day-to-day life, is the topic of this article: the process of oxidation and reduction and their reactions. Here, we will discuss …

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DNA Extraction Virtual Lab Experiment from PraxiLabs

dna extraction virtual lab

The DNA extraction virtual lab is the most affordable method to simulate an equipped laboratory that offers a realistic lab experience for the DNA extraction process.  DNA extraction virtual lab helps universities to provide their students with an immersive learning experience using the technology of virtual labs to improve the quality of science education. But why do universities need to …

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