COVID-19 and PraxiLabs-Khadija's interview

How COVID-19 Was a Cornerstone for PraxiLabs Next Milestone!

  In her recent interview with #AfricaThriveLive, Dr. Khadija El-Bedweihy, founder & CEO of PraxiLabs and the winner of Africa’s Business Heroes competition in 2021, maneuvered amongst many vital points that matter for every African business entrepreneur, especially if a female, being an African entrepreneur herself. In her talk, El-Bedweihy …

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PraxiLabs Hears You! New Releases.. Join Our FREE Webinar to Know More!

On the 27th of March, a free webinar is held by PraxiLabs under the title of “Improve Students Learning Outcomes and Grades with PraxiLabs New Enhancements and Simulations”. In this webinar, you will be introduced to our 20+ new simulations and our newly enhanced platform, with the most requested addition …

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PraxiLabs launches 20+ new experiments

No More Waiting! PraxiLabs Launches 20+ New Experiments

Starting from April 2022, more than 20 virtual lab experiments are launched on PraxiLabs virtual labs platform. All experiments are added to our simulations catalog in compliance with your requests and to help science teachers and educational institutions reach their set learning objectives, because we hear you and care about …

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Balanced and unbalanced forces.. fully explained with 20+ examples and Q&A

Discover the World of Balanced and Unbalanced Forces with 20+ Examples and Q&A

“Force” is one of the very essential terms used in physics. Every time and everywhere we—as scientists, or as a public crowd—are about to observe or examine a phenomenon closely, we find that a force is controlling or resulting in that phenomenon. Forces are instinctively different from each other; they …

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The Importance of Virtual Labs and Simulation Systems for Educational Institutions

The virtual labs use a teaching method called simulation. The simulation, as defined by Dr. Ali Abdul Samia Quora, is an educational method that the teacher usually uses to bring students closer to the real world. The simulation method is believed to be closer to what is happening in areas …

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Virtual Reality: It’s Past, Present and Future

Virtual Reality (VR) is defined as a 3D interactive environment designed by computer programs and it is linked to virtual reality glasses. The VR surrounds the user and transports him into a virtual world that seems real. VR may be a fantasy or an embodiment of the real world, and …

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