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Introduction to Thermodynamics

Heat is a form of energy that can be transformed from one form to another, or transferred between objects. For example, in electric motors, the turbine transforms heat into mechanical energy to power the motor, then mechanical energy is transformed into electrical energy by the engine to illuminate light bulbs. …

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Can You Store Your Data in DNA

The recording of data in all aspects of life is one of the most important elements of the present technological progress we are witnessing. Data storage allows the recording of all types of updates: scientific, social, historical, artistic, etc., which helps researchers and thinkers to continue the development and construction, …

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Currents War and Its History

In this article, we discuss the story of the famous conflict in the scientific community, known as the Currents War. The two heroes of this story are Nikola Tesla and Thomas Edison. But let us first understand what electricity is and what the concept, types, and importance of electrical currents …

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Subatomic Particles and Their Famous Types

The world is still full of mysteries that we have not yet discovered, and scientists are still trying to understand the nature of this wondrous universe around us. From the structure of the atoms to the details of the supergalactic coordinate systems, our human mind is still incapable of understanding …

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