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PCR Analysis: COVID-19 Infection Detection Method… PraxiLabs Initiative Experiments

Recently, with the emergence of COVID-19 virus, we often hear the term “PCR analysis.” Polymerase Chain Reaction “PCR” is the basic analysis currently used to detect Infected people with COVID-19. Through the Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR analysis), scientists can detect the presence of viruses that cause infection, even when they …

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    Introduction to Thermodynamics

    Heat is a form of energy that can be transformed from one form to another, or transferred between objects. For example, in electric motors, the turbine transforms heat into mechanical energy to power the motor, then mechanical energy is transformed into electrical energy by the engine to illuminate light bulbs. …

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      Can You Store Your Data in DNA

      The recording of data in all aspects of life is one of the most important elements of the present technological progress we are witnessing. Data storage allows the recording of all types of updates: scientific, social, historical, artistic, etc., which helps researchers and thinkers to continue the development and construction, …

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