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The Most Famous Four Laboratory Accidents in History

Scientific laboratories contain dangerous chemicals that may lead to laboratory accidents such as strong acids, neurotoxins, in addition to various equipment such as natural gas-guzzling Bunsen burners, high-pressure cookers called autoclaves, and some types of explosive materials. Biology laboratories often contain infectious organisms, posing a threat to students and teachers. …

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    Modern Physics: Its History, Theories, And The Practical Experience of Its Virtual Labs

    Introduction The emergence and development of modern physics was a giant leap in the history of mankind. This is because the main theories of modern physics reshaped our perception of the universe and caused an incredible scientific revolution. Modern physics is a branch of physics that includes the post-Newtonian concepts …

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      The Most Important Physics Discoveries in History (Part One)

      Physics is our tool to perceive the universe and understand the various natural phenomena that surround us. Through our study of natural sciences and physics discoveries that had been made, we were able to harness science for making renaissance and the progress that we have reached now. Therefore, physics is …

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