Newton’s First Law of Motion Examples in Everyday Life

newton's first law of motion examples in everyday life

Newton’s laws of motion are three physical laws that establish the science of kinematics. These laws describe the relationship between the motion of an object and the force acting on it. They are essential because they are the foundation of classical mechanics, one of the main branches of physics. It …

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History of Electricity, and Main Electricity Experiments Provided By PraxiLabs

Imagine your daily life without lamps, working fans, and domestic appliances like electric stoves, A/C, and more. Also, modern means of transportation and communication. If there is no electricity in our world, what about factories? large machines? essential items like food, cloth, paper, and many other things that are produced …

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Modern Physics: Its History, Theories, And The Practical Experience of Its Virtual Labs

Introduction The emergence and development of modern physics was a giant leap in the history of mankind. This is because the main theories of modern physics reshaped our perception of the universe and caused an incredible scientific revolution. Modern physics is a branch of physics that includes the post-Newtonian concepts …

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The Most Important Physics Discoveries in History (Part One)

Physics is our tool to perceive the universe and understand the various natural phenomena that surround us. Through our study of natural sciences and physics discoveries that had been made, we were able to harness science for making renaissance and the progress that we have reached now. Therefore, physics is …

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What is the World Map of Nuclear Power?

According to a study published by ExxonMobil in 2018, the middle class whose numbers continue to grow turbulently in the world will be in urgent need of more energy that can be relied on, which can be available at cheap prices. With increasing calls for environmental protection and a call …

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3 of The Most Important Applications of Boyle’s Law

application of boyle's law

In life, nothing happens randomly or without reason. Even those events that you consider tiny are all fully dependent on the laws of nature. Everything happens for a reason, and according to firm laws, do not allow randomness to dominate the universe. So, this article revolves around some applications that …

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The World Largest Physics Lab

Nuclear physics helps us better understand the universe. It is the the study of the structure and characteristics of the main building unit of the universe, the atom. The atomic structure gives us a clearer picture of the physical and chemical properties of elements and elementary particles. The European Organization for …

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The Most Important Applications of Three Scientific Experiments in Physics

It is not easy to develop a precise definition of physics, as it’s concept is constantly changing with the advent of new discoveries and the conclusions of scientific experiments. However, physics is one of the basic sciences that we use everyday. Physics is not limited to studying the universe and …

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