9 Most Effective Applications of Redox Titration

applications of redox titration

Have you ever thought “What are the principal sources of energy on this planet, both natural or biological and artificial?” “What are the reactions that allow energy to be extracted from molecules?” “What is responsible for cellular respiration and photosynthesis?” “What is the cause of minerals formation and mobilization and …

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Standardization of Potassium Permanganate In 7 Steps

standardization of potassium permanganate

If you study chemistry, you must have dealt with a substance characterized by its purple color, which is always found in a dark-colored bottle, and it can also stain your hands and clothes..  Yes, it is potassium permanganate, so what is this substance? Its properties? Its uses? And the purpose …

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3 of The Most Important Applications of Boyle’s Law

application of boyle's law

In life, nothing happens randomly or without reason. Even those events that you consider tiny are all fully dependent on the laws of nature. Everything happens for a reason, and according to firm laws, do not allow randomness to dominate the universe. So, this article revolves around some applications that …

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The Most Important Applications of Semiconductors in Industry

solar cell- Applications of Semiconductors in Industry

Semiconductors and electronic circuits have been causing a leap that can not be ignored. Thanks to semiconductors, the author of this article was able to write it, and you are able to read it. There isn’t anyone on earth who has never used semiconductors before in some way or another. …

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Polymers as An Example of Chemistry Applications in Our Lives

Chemistry is a natural science that has existed since ancient times. Chemistry applications in ancient civilizations have been linked to mining, dying, medicine, and glassmaking. civilizations, including the ancient Egyptian, Babylonian and Indian, succeeded in using chemistry in practical ways in those fields, but they did not develop theoretical knowledge …

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