Sherouk Badr Shehata

Sherouk Badr Shehata, is a senior scientific content creator and a theoretical physics MA student from Egypt. Being a physics & astronomy graduate, Sherouk started off her career in 2017 as a scientific translator & content creator, while that was also preceded by two years of volunteering in the same field. Sherouk's experiences reached out to many reputable foreigner organizations and companies in both the fields of scientific translation & publishing, such as: Pearson Middle East in UAE, Kitab Sawti in Sweden, I Believe in Science in Lebanon, in addition to many Egyptian companies, and PraxiLabs on the top of this list. Throughout her writings, Sherouk aims to flawlessly raise the quality of the delivered scientific content, and aspires to create rich and interesting pieces, in both Arabic and English. She is also keen on encouraging and pushing students, parents, & people in general to read more in science, and especially natural sciences, as she believes that science and art are the master keys to nations' progression and flourishment.

Going Global! How PraxiLabs Benefits STEM Professors in the Philippines

praxilabs webinar in the Philippines

On September 21st, a very exciting online webinar was hosted by Khadija El-Bedweihy—Founder of PraxiLabs virtual labs—to reveal the significant on-hands learning outcomes and changes that came as a result of using PraxiLabs. The webinar guest speakers varied from professors to students: Mrs. Iluminada A. Ronio— Program Chair, Department of Biotechnology, College of Allied Sciences Mr. Blas Cintron, student Mr. …

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Law of Conservation of Energy: Principle, Definition, Formula, and Examples

The Law of Conservation of Energy

On a cold night, how do you interpret the feeling of warmth you feel after rubbing your hands together? How do you explain your coach’s strict instructions to eat a meal that gives you energy before exercising? For a light bulb to glow and emit its light, how do you describe its principle of work? Many questions around everyday’s spontaneous …

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Pascal’s Law: All You Need to Know about this Powerful Law!

Pascal's law and all you need to know about it

Pressure is an intrinsic property of matter. You can exert pressure on a solid, a liquid, or on a gas, and so can solids, liquids, and gasses according to the surrounding conditions. A famous example in this context is the cautionary signs on your perfume bottle, saying “the bottle should not be left in the sun, or in high temperatures, …

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Genetic Engineering in Humans: Between the Pros and Cons of that Magical Technique!

Genetic Engineering in Human

Try to mention the expression of genetic engineering in humans among a bunch of people, or a community gathering. Now try to escape the endless amount of questions, hurdles, and debates that will arise. technical  Since their first days, genetic engineering, gene modification, and traits selection have always been controversial and have always been questioned, whether socially, scientifically, or ethically. …

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9 Essential Chemistry Laws and Formulas You Should Know!

9 important chemistry laws

Chemistry is the branch of science through which interactions and reactions between different atoms, electrons, elements, molecules, and many other particles are being analyzed, tested, and studied. As a vital branch of science, chemistry exists around us in a daily manner, whereas chemical interactions and reactions do not occur haphazardly; rather they are all governed by many chemistry laws that …

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