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Mustafa Elhashash

Research Assistant at Ainshams University, interested in the new technologies in education and scientific research.

The Most Famous Four Laboratory Accidents in History

Scientific laboratories contain dangerous chemicals such as strong acids, neurotoxins, in addition to various equipment such as natural gas-guzzling Bunsen burners, high-pressure cookers called autoclaves, and some types of explosive materials. Biology laboratories often contain infectious organisms, posing a threat to students and teachers. So there are some safety tips …

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The World Largest Physics Lab

Nuclear physics helps us better understand the universe. It is the the study of the structure and characteristics of the main building unit of the universe, the atom. The atomic structure gives us a clearer picture of the physical and chemical properties of elements and elementary particles. The European Organization for …

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Polymers as An Example of Chemistry Applications in Our Lives

Chemistry is a natural science that has existed since ancient times. Chemistry applications in ancient civilizations have been linked to mining, dying, medicine, and glassmaking. civilizations, including the ancient Egyptian, Babylonian and Indian, succeeded in using chemistry in practical ways in those fields, but they did not develop theoretical knowledge …

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Augmented Reality (Its Concept and Educational Application)

Augmented reality technology has gained widespread popularity around the world in recent years. Augmented reality technology combines real and virtual objects and allows the interaction between the real world and virtual world. It enables users to perceive the real world around them and incorporate virtual objects that suit the purpose …

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