PraxiLabs Launches Initiative to Promote Virtual Labs Culture in Egyptian Public Universities.. For Modern Science Teaching

  In order to realize the State’s plan in Egypt 2030, and based on the vision of the Ministry of Higher Education to support digital transformation of education, PraxiLabs ventures on a new initiative to spread the culture of 3D virtual laboratories and popularize the experience of teaching virtual sciences in Egyptian public universities.

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The performance of the digital transformation system in Egypt 2022

   Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, reviewed a report presented by the Assistant Minister for Digital Transformation on the performance harvest of the digital transformation system, in the fields of higher education and scientific research, and the inclusion of these projects within the ministry’s plan for the year 2023.  

   The report pointed to the ministry’s efforts to provide distinguished digital government services, improve the performance of electronic services in the ministry and its affiliates, and implement several projects, to develop the infrastructure and information in public universities, universities of technology, technical institutes, research centers, automated tests, and e-learning systems, at a total cost of more than 11 billion pounds.

PraxiLabs initiative to popularize science education using modern technological techniques

Committed to optimally give Egypt access to the information age, PraxiLabs adopts this initiative to spread the culture of 3D virtual laboratories to popularize the experience of teaching virtual sciences in Egyptian public universities.

The initiative is open to all Faculties of Pharmacy, Science, and Agriculture, about 70 faculties all over Egypt.

If you are a dean or a digital transformation officer in the aforementioned faculties, communicate now with PraxiLabs to take advantage of the initiative.

Benefits of Participating in PraxiLabs initiative to popularize science education using modern technological technologies:

  • Ease of use: it’s very easy to deal with the platform using computers, tablets, and mobiles.
  • The number of current science experiments is 150 3D experiments in chemistry, biology  and physics.
  • Allowing the student to use PraxiLabs platform from inside or outside the university to perform laboratory experiments.
  • The student can use PraxiLabs in both Arabic and English.
  • Educational boosters for the student, such as videos and enriching information.
  • Adding a number of new experiments annually, up to 50 3D simulation experiments for all the mentioned specialties.
  • Ease of evaluating students through electronic integration with the college’s e-learning system.
  • The ability to test students by activating the test feature (Exam Mode)
  • The contract period for this initiative is 4 years for the faculties of science and agriculture and 5 years for the faculties of pharmacy.
  • The contract price is fixed for any number of users, including students and faculty.
  • The initiative includes comprehensive training for students and faculty and continuous technical support to ensure sustainability.
  • Other scientific faculties such as human and veterinary medicine and engineering, as well as private universities, can benefit from this initiative with the same terms and conditions.

Special discount for colleges benefiting from the initiative up to 50%


The price includes hosting and LTI integration with all e-learning systems.

To take advantage of the initiative, please contact us:


WhatsApp: 01000708507

And write the initiative code: PraxiLabs2022


To learn more, please visit the PraxiLabs Virtual Science Teaching Labs platform

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