How COVID-19 Was a Cornerstone for PraxiLabs Next Milestone!


In her recent interview with #AfricaThriveLive, Dr. Khadija El-Bedweihy, founder & CEO of PraxiLabs and the winner of Africa’s Business Heroes competition in 2021, maneuvered amongst many vital points that matter for every African business entrepreneur, especially if a female, being an African entrepreneur herself.

In her talk, El-Bedweihy pinpointed topics such as PraxiLabs’ vision, how it is related to the STEM educational system, and how her childhood & father both formed a solid ground for her business coming to life.

She also discussed the importance of entrepreneurs’ social impact and how Africans can cooperate together to bring more success & progress to their youthful continent.

If you watch the interview, you will find Khadija walking you through her journey with PraxiLabs, how COVID-19 was such a game changer for her education-based business, and some highlighted key tips based on her experience with the investors’ desired recurring revenues & growth processes, describing this process as: “the chicken and the egg.”

By founding PraxiLabs, Khadija’s goal is to allow everyone an equal opportunity, despite their abilities or their disabilities.

Not to mention that #AfricaThriveLive is one of the many events held every month by the AMI Community, in which they host entrepreneurs & rising companies from all over the African continent, to know more about their success stories and to learn from their experiences & their perspectives.
The interview’s live broadcast was watched by nearly 450 viewers from all over Africa. You too can watch it here.

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