By Using PraxiLabs: Workshop at Faculty of Science, Port Said University

PraxiLabs organized a workshop on Wednesday, July 28th at the Faculty of Science, Port Said University about virtual laboratories, with the attendance of Professor Dr Magdy El-Banna (Dean of the Faculty) and Professor Dr Farid El-Desouky (Dean of the Faculty for Graduate Studies and Research), and in the presence of a selection of faculty members and the supporting staff from the scientific departments.

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 By Using PraxiLabs: Workshop at Faculty of Science, Port Said University

During the workshop, Engineer Amr El-Gamal (Sales and Development Manager at Praxilabs) talked about virtual science labs using 3D simulation systems and how virtual labs are an educational simulation environment that allows students to complete lab experiments online and explore concepts and theories without entering the real science lab.

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PraxiLabs Virtual Labs provides educational institutions and students with a wide range of virtual experiments to be constantly updated – covering the fields of chemistry, physics and biology. Students can learn and understand experiments without exposure to various risks while saving the periodic costs of chemical purchases and laboratory supplies.

PraxiLabs has been developed to make virtual science labs accessible and easy to use, at affordable prices for educational institutions and schools. Praxilabs not only provides virtual science labs but also integrates rich educational content that helps students understand the steps of conducting experiments. We also provide them with additional information that creates an interactive virtual lab experience, and rich content that provides students with more knowledge.


 By Using PraxiLabs: Workshop at Faculty of Science, Port Said University

At the beginning of the workshop, Professor Dr Ali Hassan Ibrahim (Dean of the College for Education and Student Affairs) gave a speech in which he praised PraxiLabs. The Dean stressed that the workshop enables students to experience lab techniques for the first time so that they become more familiar with advanced laboratory equipment that may be inaccessible due to its high price, its danger, or the Corona pandemic.

 By Using PraxiLabs: Workshop at Faculty of Science, Port Said University


In the end, we’d like to thank the Faculty of Science at Port Said University for hosting the PraxiLabs team and their constant efforts to achieve excellence in all educational programs and their research activities. We wish them more success.

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