PraxiLabs Is Now among the Top 50 in the Africa Business Heroes Competition

We are very excited and proud to announce that PraxiLabs got selected among the top 50 in the Africa Business Heroes competition.

The competition selects 50 top business heroes across Africa and then does more interviews and pitching to select the top 20, then the top 10, and then they pitch in front of Jack Ma and they give money prizes for all the top 10.

Africa’s Business Heroes (ABH) is the Jack Ma Foundation’s flagship philanthropic program in Africa to support entrepreneurs. Their mission is to showcase and grow local talents who are creating positive impact in their communities and beyond and inspire a movement of African entrepreneurship.

Each year the Prize selects ten “business heroes” from across Africa that compete for their share of USD 1.5 million in grant funding.

We are very pleased with our participation in the Africa Business Heroes Competition, which is a very prestigious and big competition. And we are very proud to have been selected among the top 50 projects out of 12,000 submissions for the competition.

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