PraxiLabs Participates in Virtual South Summit Education

PraxiLabs participated in the activities of Virtual South Summit Education which was held on Thursday, May 13th .The participation of the company was represented by Dr. Khadija El-Bedweihy, founder and CEO of PraxiLabs, the international leader in the field of virtual science laboratories.

PraxiLab Participates in Virtual South Summit Education

During the participation, Dr. Khadija El-Bedweihy focused on the emergence and development of PraxiLabs, in regard to the strengths that distinguished it since then and how the company overcame the challenges of the past year, and presented our vision for the future. It was also a great opportunity to share our current position, progress, and how we reached hundreds of thousands of students who are currently using PraxiLabs virtual labs in physics, chemistry, and biology majors from many regions around the world.

Virtual South Summit in Education is a digital joint initiative created by South Summit and IE University that will gather all the top players in the industry. It will include content with the best professionals in the sector and a Startup Competition in which the most disruptive startups will share their projects in front of top notch investors and corporates.

It is worth noting that PraxiLabs was a finalist in past editions. 

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