The University of Jeddah Will Benefit from Using PraxiLabs Simulations in Their Courses

PraxiLabs, the international leader in the field of virtual science labs, announced the joining of the University of Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to be among the universities to which we are happy to provide our digital services. Now there are more than 10,000 students, at the University of Jeddah, who have begun to conduct their experiments using the simulations of PraxiLabs in their courses this year.

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Jeddah University is the most modern university in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It was established in 2014. It contains 22 colleges with modern majors in the fields of technology, science, engineering, and others to meet the needs of the labor market according to the Kingdom’s 2030 vision. It offers academically supportive education for students.

 We want to thank both Dr. Talal Alasmari, Director of e-Learning and Distance Education Center at the University of Jeddah, and Mr. Abdul Rehman Shaikh, Representative of Education E-Solutions, our distributor in Saudi Arabia, for their great collaboration with us to attain this partnership.

It is worth noting that PraxiLabs has been established, and it is continuously developed and supported by a specialized team of programmers and education experts who realize the importance of scientific experiments and tests in the field of science education.

We have developed PraxiLabs labs with the aim of making virtual science labs accessible, easy to use, and affordable for educational institutions and schools. PraxiLabs not only provides virtual science labs but also integrates rich educational content that helps students understand the steps of conducting experiments while providing them with additional information.

We are proud of this news and waiting for more universities to join us soon.

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